August 31, 2014


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Filed under: like what if they're dating and have actually been dating for years but no one knows because everyone is too afraid to ask them or what if Natasha's ace but she interrogates every single person who might be interested in Nick (she wants to make sure they're good enough for him) and he's constantly like YOU ARE RUINING MY CHANCES TO GET LAID but then he ends up with Monica Chang and Nat's just like 'I told you it would work out' 'this is why you should listen to me' but also more serious stuff like neither one of them thinks they're heroes they don't buy into the captain america stories like coulson does Steve is a great guy but not everyone can be the kind of person you build monuments to Natasha and Nick are the ones who do the dirty work so that the heroes can be heroes and we talk about that a lot as side notes largely about how Steve's a good guy but he lets other people take bad cop without protesting but what's the effect of always being the bad cop what's it like knowing that what you do is necessary but also seen as bad what's it like functioning as the shadow or dark mirror to the 'real' heroes and how much of the choice to accept doing that comes from knowing that they could never be a real hero at least by the way society looks at it and how much comes from not believing in the fantasy of what 'real' heroism is all about I want a ten million word epic about Fury and Nat working with Melinda May and Sitwell running interference between them and all of the Do-Good SHIELD Heroes who maybe don't understand there are other kinds of heroism and in the process learning that their kind is an important brand of heroism too 
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    #like neither one of them thinks they’re heroes#they don’t buy into the captain america stories like coulson does#Steve...
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  11. thereadingmouse said: I see their relationship as more of a father/daughter thing, where he’s trained her to work within the machinations of SHIELD, while still giving her space and opportunities to right her wrongs, and he’s proud of much of what she’s done.
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