July 24, 2014

Successfully got all non-hoodie Marvel orders for barbeauxbot, ladybessyboo, thirddeadlysin, elucreh, grlgoddess, and hhertzof. Also a few of you I’m alerting on Twitter because I can’t remember your tumblr names because I’m a crushing failure and the mobile app sucks.

bliss116 I have your order except for the Sam cup as we have been thwarted by the US postal service apparently- the glasses didn’t arrive in San Diego yet. I will return for vengeance and tumblers, probably.

I somehow ended up missing an Age of Ultron shirt but with an extra Agent Carter shirt (intended for people who are not me), which I feel is a pretty good summary of how I choose to live my life.

Also, Tumblr, I assume we’ve already analyzed to death the additional 2018 movie date Marvel threw in? I’m not going to be able to read my dash all week, this is horrible, someone give me the cliffs notes plz.

July 24, 2014

I miss my sidewaystime :(

July 23, 2014

I just spent the past three hours trying to fix my broken iPod (which I’ve had for like six years so the broken part isn’t really surprising) and I finally figured out that the REAL best way is to just steal my mom’s iPod, which she bought when I got mine but has never used because she finds it too complicated.

I take back every complaint I had about having to stay at my parents’ house tonight.

July 22, 2014


sitcom where people gradually get killed off and their spot in the opening title theme is replaced with dead silence

#this is so close to being Big Brother tbh  

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July 22, 2014

Apparently there are only 250 of each Marvel hoodie at SDCC and they’re selling one style per day and tomorrow night is not one of those days and also they’re $100 each. And the Winter Soldier one is on sale Friday morning, at which point I will already be in the line for Ballroom 20. So, everyone I said I’d try to get hoodies for- sorry, but looks implausible :(

And the Cap one is on Sunday, but that means I have to choose between maybe buying a Cap hoodie, going to the Marvel Unlimited Plus panel, and meeting Sesame Street, so the hoodie is a distant third choice and thus probably not going to happen either, even though I desperately want it.

On the plus side, this means that I probably will not have to call the credit card company to justify the thousands of dollars I’m spending tomorrow. Just hundreds. Which is way saner.


July 22, 2014
Announcer: TONIGHT, on Kitchen Nightmares--
Fury: This is a motherfucking disgrace!
Announcer: Nick Fury faces an owner who won't take no for an answer--
Stark: It's MY name on the side of the building, it's MY menu, it's MY decision, and if they don't like it they can go fuck themselves!
Announcer: A head chef who's stuck in the past--
Rogers: I think the food is good. We've always cooked it like this.
Fury: It's like eating something from the 1930s!
Announcer: And a kitchen staff--
Barton: Aww, pasta, no.
Announcer: That you just--
Romanoff: [rapid shots of Romanoff staring down the camera from every part of the restaurant]
Announcer: Won't--
Announcer: Believe.
Banner: [in interview] It's, uh. It's a time bomb.
[aggressive surf music]
July 22, 2014


#Yum #Cap #Captain America #Chris Evans

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July 22, 2014


I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

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July 22, 2014

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July 22, 2014


Yo, Tumblr!

If you are going to SDCC:

  • We should hang out!
  • You can DM for my contact info if you need it
  • I’m mostly going to Marvel panels.
  • Also Sesame Street ones but most of those are up against Marvel panels because God hates me.
  • Also I’m going to the Sharknado 2 panel
  • Which reminds me I need to go find my inflatable shark to get signed and/or sleep on while I’m overnighting and/or throw at people
  • Lots of people are going to get sharks thrown at them because that is how I roll
  • You will be able to identify me by how classy I am.

If you aren’t going to SDCC and you want me to get you stuff:

  • You need to tell me what
  • And how you will pay me back
  • And what sizes you want
  • And what what your price limit is
  • And what you want me to do if they don’t have it in that [size and/or cost limit].
  • Seriously my plane gets in around noon on Wednesday so I should be at the convention center by threeish and I will go directly on the line and then directly from there to the Marvel booth
  • So I have a pretty good chance of getting stuff before they sell out
  • I’m leaving late enough on Monday morning that I will be able to go to the post office and send you your stuff as long as you’re willing to pay shipping
  • Possibly I should bring extra bags

If you want to follow along what’s going on:

  • I will probably be livetweeting everything on twitter (username equals @spooloflies ) until I kill my phone battery so feel free to follow

If you are going but still don’t have a room:

  • Probably you should talk to me.

If you’re overnighting before Friday in B20 or Saturday in Hall H:

  • Does anyone want to split a pizza I am really invested in the idea of ordering food to be delivered to the con line I just think it would be cool

Friendly reminder that if you want stuff I am finishing and printing my spreadsheet today :)

(Once i added up the max amount people are willing to spend, I definitely called my dad to find out what I should say if the credit card company calls me and asks if there’s fraudulent activity because of how many things I’m buying from Marvel. I wonder if they have a special prize they give once you go over an amount. Any amount. Because I’m pretty sure I will be going over said amount. By a lot.)

PEOPLE I ALREADY HAVE ON THE SPREADSHEET: romanticalgirl, barbeauxbot, perforatedsanity, ladybessyboo, thirddeadlysin, elucreh, everythingthatiswrongwithamerica, grlgoddess, plus CyprinellaJ and CarlyInRome not on Tumblr. IF I DON’T HAVE YOU PLZ TO LET ME KNOW.

If anyone was wondering, the most-desired item is the Winter Soldier hoodie, which is up to seven people; not far behind is the SSR shirt, currently at 5. (I’m afraid to ask them on twitter if there’s a limit to how many one person can get. I’M NOT SCALPING GUYS I HAVE A LIST OF WHO WANTS IT AT COST :( )

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